Friday, October 19, 2012


I have enjoyed movies that had Rob Lowe in them, but not because he was in them. I am pretty sure I would have passed on by this memoir, but a friend listened to it and couldn't stop talking about it. So I found it on SimplyAudio and put it on the wishlist. It showed up in my mailbox pretty quickly and just as quickly it ended up in my CD player in the car.
SUCH a fantastic book to listen to! Rob is a natural born storyteller, has excellent recall of his life and tells the story in such a way that had me sitting in the driveway or parking lot to listen to that much more.
The background of how The Outsiders, one of my favorite movies, was made was fab to listen to. How intense the casting was, let alone the filming. And the final outcome on the screen and how disappointed Rob was when he saw it. But how content with it he was when he saw a better version of it later in life.
How he dealt with his life with alcohol and what it took to overcome his addiction.
He name drops, but not in a tacky way. He describes how his love of writing evolved and I am glad he discovered his talent.
I can highly recommend.

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