Sunday, October 21, 2012

SHOT AT AND MISSED: Cody Bryan Mystery - Larry J Hillhouse

Cody's quiet vacation at a ski resort in Virginia doesn't last very long in Shot At And Missed as he first rescues a damsel in distress, then needs rescuing himself as he discovers that he is the prime suspect in a strange murder case investigated by the FBI. When the murder case is suddenly and inexplicably labeled a suicide, suspicious Cody is intent on proving that it actually was murder, just not by him. His actions result in him becoming the target of an unknown, but tenacious assassin.
A fast moving, funny, mystery that has been on my Wanton Wantin' Book List for a while since reading and loving IN OVER YOUR HEAD, the first in the series.
Cody Bryan is a private investigator on vacation at a ski resort which was his payment in lieu of cash from a happy, but broke client.
All kinds of action ensues what with being shot at and rescuing the cherished family member of a mob chief player. There's all sorts of intrigue that Cody sorts through. He's good with computers as well as a fab investigator and good guy, so it all combines for a solved mystery in a humorous manner. I do hope Larry is working on the third in the series.

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