Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SANDMAN SLIM - Richard Kadrey

SUCH a fab series start!! I cannot wait to read more of this series and more of this author.
Highly graphic, violent, superbly addicting. James Stark (aka Sandman Slim) was sent to Hell, survived Hell, came back to Earth from Hell and he's bent on revenge on those who sent him South.
Things have changed in the 11 years he was in Hell, so the book is about revenge as much as it is about Stark figuring out how to get along on present day Earth.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A lovely, lovely story of vampires and opera. Louise Marley is one of my favorite authors, she had me at THE GLASS HARMONICA which is on the keeper shelf and has been sent to my sister who gave it to her son and became recommended reading at his school.
MOZART'S BLOOD will be sent to my sister, too. Not sure it will take the same route, but I know Seester will love it, too.
Lush, lyrical and lovely....
A sort of meandering memoir, but I highly enjoyed it. I was a little startled with the title, but it did capture my attention so it did what it was supposed to do. And it made me laugh, another plus.
Diving in, I followed Gina's story of love of the cats and people in her life. Especially the love for her Cleo. How Cleo came into her life, won her heart and then broke it by disappearing.
The rest of the tale details what Gina went through to get Cleo back. I loved reading her meeting her guardian angels, the left-of-center-plumb, the psychics...all helping her along her path to finding Cleo.
This is an incredibly fast read, funny, warm, poignant. Can definitely recommend.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Books in the house Monday 17 Sep 2012:

From Our Lady of the Books:
While My Pretty One Knits:Black Sheep Knitting Mystery #1 - Anne Canadeo, cozy, TPB
Knit, Purl, Die: Black Sheep Knitting Mystery #2 Anne Canadeo, cozy, TPB
Rumble on the Bayou - Jane DeLeon, cozy

Fire Engine Dead: Museum Mystery #3 -Sheila Connolly, cozy
Leftover Dead: a Trailer Park mystery-Jimmie ruth Evans,cozy
Scoop To Kill: a Mystery a la Mode-Wendy Lyn Watson, cozy
How to Marry a Murderer: a Paige Turner mystery-Amanda Matetsky, cozy
Murderers Prefer Blondes: a Paige Turner mystery-Amanda Matetsky,cozy
Armed and Glamorous:a Crime of Fashion mystery-Ellen Byerrum, cozy
How to Wash a Cat:a Cats and Curios mystery- Rebecca Hale,cozy
9 Lives Last Forever:a Cats and Curios mystery-Rebecca Hale, cozy, MPB
Corpse in the Crystal Ball: a Fortune Teller Mystery: Kari Lee Townsend

From B&N:
HOT BUTTON: A Button Box Mystery #2 - Kylie Logan, cozy, MPB, (already consumed)
THE LAST POLICEMAN - Ben Winters, dystopian future, TPB

From High Crimes Mystery Bookshop:
PIES & PREJUDICE A Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery #1 - Ellery Adams, paranormal cozy, MPB
IN A WITCH'S WARDROBE: A Witchcraft Mystery #4 - Juliet Blackwell, paranormal cozy, MPB

From Library Thing:
IN SEARCH OF CLEO - Gina Gershon, memoir, ARC

Saturday, September 15, 2012

CARNAGE OF EAGLES - William W. Johnstone

A fast good read of good versus evil in the wilds of Texas back in the day. Falcon MacCallister is a wealthy man who doesn't need to do the things he does, but he feels compelled to do the right thing and come to the aid of people who are in trouble.
In the town of Sorrento, Texas, there are bad men in charge of the town. The Sheriff and his deputies are nothing more than bullies who collect exorbitant taxes and run roughshod over the townspeople. They don't get in trouble since they work for the town judge. This judge hangs defendants rather than put them in jail since it costs money to keep them in jail. And not all defendants are necessarily guilty, some are just in the way of the judge and sheriff.
Falcon is there to set things right.