Thursday, October 11, 2012

HOT BUTTON: A Button Box Mystery - Kylie Logan

Another of my favorite series. It's on the must-get list when each book comes out. And this is only the second one in the series.
Each cozy series brings a new-to-me premise that I would love to embrace, but my husband would likely go bonkers so I read about them.
This one is about button collecting. Who would figure that it would be this entrancing or lead to murder?
Josie is in charge of the annual button convention and finds herself neckdeep in a murder investigation. The victim is a loudmouthed button expert and is a mega lout, so no one is upset him being dead, but where is the famed Geronimo Button he brought to the convention?
Josie is so personable I want to lean into the book and help her out. I want to learn about buttons.
I cannot wait for PANIC BUTTON to come out on 31 Dec.

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  1. I really can't imagine collecting buttons, I know my mother had a tin full of them, but those were only meant to replace the ones we lost from our clothes. But this series sounds good, thanks for the review.