Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Such a superb suspense mystery, medieval or otherwise, this was to read.
It was more than a superb mystery, it was a well-told history lesson. An aspect I didn't know, women could be doctors in Italy when nowhere else allowed it. I loved reading the forays into forensic medicine and seeing the depths of prejudice against both religion and the sex of a person.
I look forward to reading more of this author and this series. Highly recommendable.

CITY OF SOULS: Fourth Sign of the Zodiac - Vicki Pettersson

SO GOOD! I very rarely read a series book after book, but making a big ol' exception here. I love this series and I discovered after reading the third  one, THE TOUCH OF TWILIGHT, that I kind of needed to read the series back to back. I have them on the Nook and I want, no, I need to find out what is going to happen and I don't want to forget what's gone on before.
Joanna/Olivia (Jolivia as her team calls her) needs to find a cure for the little girl she inadvertently hurt. To do this, Joanna has to go to a parallel universe called Midheaven. The trip only costs a piece of her soul.
Action-packed and emotionally charged and highly recommendable.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UNEARTHLY - Cynthia Hand

 I love paranormal and I am so glad that angels have been having such a good run of books and storylines. And I am pleased that Young Adult books can be written so that YA and Older A can enjoy them.
UNEARTHLY is one of those. It has as much to do with the travails and angst of a young person going through life as much as it does as this young person coming to terms with being an angel on Earth.
Clara keeps having the same dream, that of saving a young man from a fire. Her mother tells her that this is her purpose on Earth and nothing can cause her to stray from this path.
But there's this boy......

GROUNDS FOR MURDER: Maggy Thorsen Mystery - Sandra Balzo

Funny, good mystery with coffee background. What's not to love? This time around, Maggy has been wrangled into organizing the annual coffee conference and trying to deal with the overbearing owner of the HotWired coffeehouse chain just adds to the chaos. And then there's the murder....
I do love this series and so glad I have a Nook so I can get instant gratification when I upload each book in the series. Don't have to wait for the mail or a trip to the bookshop to get my coffee/Maggy fix.

THE TOUCH OF TWILIGHT: Third Sign of the Zodiac - Vicki Pettersson

WOW! It took me a bit to catch back up to the trail of the story, but once I did....WOW!
Olivia/Joanne is still dealing with her dual-sided Light/Shadow self. Now she has an otherworldly being trying to become her. AND she has biotch Shadow Regan doing everything she can to take over her life, too, including Ben, Jo's man.
The story moves along at a clip and I decided to get on to the next in the series so I won't lose the thread. I don't want to lose this.
Highly enjoyable and recommendable.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BLOOD AND BULLETS: Deacon Chalk Occult Bounty Hunter - James R Tuck

This would be such a superb movie! Can't go wrong with vampires, were-gorillas and were-spiders and a wicked ancient vampire in control and out for Deacon's blood.
Excellent fight scenes abound through-out. Would love to meet Deacon and his team. James R Tuck describes each character well, not just dwelling on Deacon even as he is the main character.
Deacon could come off as only a tortured soul bent on revenge on the deaths of his family by monsters. He's more than that, though the memories could be his undoing if he let it.
I love his taste in music (hard drivin' blues) and his car, the Comet. Easy for me to get my crush on......
Can't wait to read BLOOD AND SILVER, next in the series. Let me get my Deacon on....

Friday, March 1, 2013

BOOK, LINE AND SINKER: A Library Lover's Mystery - Jenn McKinlay

How I love this series! How can I not since it's about a librarian in a small town and she stumbles on mysterious murders.
Treasure huntes arrive in Lindsey's small town and disrupt the peace and quiet. They come lookin' for pirate treasure (arrrr) and one of the hunters turns up dead.
There's also an old murder that needs solving and Lindsey's beau, a tour boat captain, feels compelled to find out who did what.
Love love love this series!