Monday, July 29, 2013

THE TWELVE: Book Two of The Passage Trilogy

DADGUM! I really didn't think THE PASSAGE, first book in the trilogy, could be improved upon, but THE TWELVE is just as epic...even more so. More character development, good is good with a veil of dark and evil is evil with a shade of decency in some.
There is a bit of back and forth in time, but no confusion is incurred. It's necessary to give the reader (or listener like me) the backstory on events.
The feel of the 'Homeland' was terrifyingly real. The virals and the collaborators in charge of the humans toiling to keep the place going and get everything ready for the future of the vampires. It read just like a concentration camp in WWII.
So much going on, but everything kept pace and always the feel of anxiety just waiting for what was going to happen next.
Absolutely superb.

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