Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blooms on Sunday - 9 June 2013

 The only peach-colored iris in the garden
 Another cactus in bloom
 Shasta Daisy in the front berm
 Achillea "Paprika" in the front berm
 Snapdragons that reseed themselves each year
Alchemilla - Lady's Mantle in the front shade garden


  1. Lol I still think that first flower looks like an Oncidium orchid. And I might have bought some Achillea for in my garden.

    1. Aurian: *grin* It does look like an orchid. I was never a fan of irises until my neighbor gave us a bunch of rhizomes several years ago. They didn't do much at first, so I thought I was right in my *meh* feeling about them. But when they bloom...they are lovely.
      Achilleas are one of my favorites. We have several varietals all over the place. And they self-propagate, so even better.