Sunday, November 4, 2012

THE PROXY ASSASSIN: Book Three of the American Spy Trilogy - John Knoerle

Whew! Exhausting book to read and made me glad I am not ever considering a career in espionage. It seems to take a certain mindset and ability to play chess AND have a sense of humor to keep going.

THE PROXY ASSASSIN is set in the US and other environs just after WWII. Hal Schroeder is hailed as both a hero, but isn't loved by all. He's trying to come to grips with his life thus far. I know I have to read the first two in the trilogy so I can catch up to some of the mentions and occurences that happen in this entry.
Hal is sent to Europe to battle the Red threat by garnering trust with the Romanian anti-Communist guerillas. Not everything is as it seems and Hal doesn't know who to trust other than himself...and sometimes not even him.
I loved the dry humor throughout. I think I could be friends with Hal, though the friend attrition rate is pretty high with him.
I look forward to reading the first two in the trilogy and anything else John Knoerle writes.

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