Saturday, September 15, 2012

CARNAGE OF EAGLES - William W. Johnstone

A fast good read of good versus evil in the wilds of Texas back in the day. Falcon MacCallister is a wealthy man who doesn't need to do the things he does, but he feels compelled to do the right thing and come to the aid of people who are in trouble.
In the town of Sorrento, Texas, there are bad men in charge of the town. The Sheriff and his deputies are nothing more than bullies who collect exorbitant taxes and run roughshod over the townspeople. They don't get in trouble since they work for the town judge. This judge hangs defendants rather than put them in jail since it costs money to keep them in jail. And not all defendants are necessarily guilty, some are just in the way of the judge and sheriff.
Falcon is there to set things right.

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